A Bit About…(old version)

This is the part where you normally read where my voiceover “journey” began, how many awards I’ve won and how my clients think I’m the best voice since…. Lesley Duncan (O wish!)

As a Brit and a former BBC employee it’s seriously difficult to sing our own praises.

But  you’re busy.  So here goes!


  • Extensive BBC Career in Radio
  • Worked as a presenter and Producer for BBC World Service, Radio 4 and Radio 3 (look at At the BBC for more details)
  • Has presented regular strands with BBC World Service
  • Before that worked as studio manager
  • Worked with some big name actors, directors and talent
  • Experienced in producing and presenting Radio documentary
  • Has worked as Voice Artist for 7 years
  • Specialises in e-learning and medical narration
  • Has worked as interviewer and producer for Oxford University Press World Classics series
  • Was the voice of RNIB’s Connect Magazine
  • Has produced videos for Universities around the UK

You Need to Know

Other Skills and useless information

  • Photography – have a look at my collections. I host my shots on Zenfolio and I love Adobe Photoshop
  • Can produce video – using Adobe Premier Pro (if necessary) but prefers Sony Vegas.
  • Loves interviewing – and documentary making. See At the BBC for list of programmes
  • Trained as a studio manager (audio engineer and operator)
  • Helped found a charity working with street children in Africa, now Chance for Childhood
  • Speaks fluent French, moderate Spanish and quite appalling Hungarian (although can pronounce Magyar very well).

However you can rest assured, my clients  do keep coming back for more so I must be doing something right.