Nicola (Nicky) Barranger

Native British Voice Artist with extensive BBC Experience and

Home Studio

Clarity, Warmth, Intelligence

…with wisdom, gravitas and a quirky sense of humour

Hi I’m Nicola Barranger, many people call me Nicky but I respond to anything that isn’t rude.

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Corporate Explainer – Video

Authoritative, friendly and engaging
Using data to predict global harvest

Legacy campaign for the International Committee of the Red Cross – Switzerland

ELearning Demo – Audio

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I have been working in studios for nearly 40 years – mostly with the BBC’s international radio station, its highly acclaimed World Service and at the home of its national service BBC Radio 4. I was fortunate to benefit from training that is quite frankly, second to none.

I’ve worked on air and off air, live and recorded, writing scripts, producing, operating the equipment and interviewing.

I mention this because it means I do have vast experience as a voice artist to bring to your project.

That doesn’t mean that I’ll want to nuzzle in on the production, but it does mean that I can talk in shorthand and get things done efficiently and very professionally all (if you prefer) from my home studio.

It also means that you only have to send me an script and I can (in most cases) return it to you within hours so you can hear whether I am right for your project.

Send me a few lines from your script

So what’s it really like to work with Nicky?

My favorite voice over artist in general.
Nicky has an amazing voice and can deliver a huge variety of projects. Very happy to have worked with her