What does a Voice Artist do?

Many people’s first thought might be “well any idiot can read a script”

Mm, well yes … and No!

Imagine you have prepared an amazing video to boost your campaign. That could be a sales or fund raising initiative and it’s all beautifully produced. Now it just needs someone to read the script.

“Let’s get Susie in Accounts to do it”. I’ve no idea why it’s always someone in Accounts who is the Jo (or Josephine) Bloggs in the office, but there you go!

Yes of course she may have a beautiful voice.

However, have a listen to the voices you hear on commercial radio. Or maybe on the television, and imagine Susie reading the campaign.

Not quite the same is it?

While Susie is brilliant at her work in the accounts department, a professional voice over will be voicing as a full time job.

They will add some magic to the script, helping to drive your message home. They also may have a home studio, so they can work on the recording during their office hours. While Susie gets on with what she is good at. The accounts.

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