Amateur Dramatics and Me

Rebecca Douglas

The Cat and the Canary

Whenever I get asked about my interest in Amateur Theatre, I am always asked the same question..

“So what do you do Nicky? A bit of acting (yes, of course always the drama queen), or costumes perhaps, maybe box office?”

“No, no, No…No, I always reply “My involvement is less arduous but just as important”

Oh yes?

“I’m a member of the audience”

Well to an extent that is true, and much as I would love to “tread the boards” once again, at the moment time just does not permit it.

That said, there is one other role which I am delighted to perform for my local group The Ember Players – one of Surrey’s leading amateur theatre groups. I have become their official photographer. This lead to invitations from other groups including Upstage Theatre Company, Claygate Dramatic Society and Hinchley Manor Operatic Society. (Mm, perhaps it’s time to build a photographic site).

Although this is of course a website dedicated to voice over work, that does not mean that there are not other creative outlets to pursue, and photography is mine.

It is of course, incredibly challenging, but you do get some wonderful lighting in theatre design. Although it is more often than not, quite low lighting the big BIG challenge is the speed with which you have to work. There is this wonderful character in full make up right in front of you, you have it all beautifully framed up and exposed and the…. they move and you’ve lost the moment.

Photo by NB – if you want to see my image website go to

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