Have you ever built a website?

No, me neither.

However with no fewer than five self-taught software packages under my belt (ProTools, Premiere Pro, Photoshop, Sadie, Sony Vegas, since you ask) “It can’t be that difficult?” methought. Methought wrong. I should have given up and employed the services of a proper web designer and got it done quickly. But that doesn’t take into account that little voice in my head that saw the wonders of being able to tweak the site myself. Oh the power! The autonomy! The wonder of it all. No I didn’t use Squarespace or Wicks or anything else. Just WordPress. Why DO they say create a website in minutes? And don’t think for a nano second that I’m an expert, but if nothing else those of use who can use lock-down profitably, this “time off” has given me the swearing time, the looking up time and most importantly the getting it wrong time.

That said, I decided all I needed were a few pages just to show that I am indeed a pucker voice over person (I am!) and sadly without this web presence you might as well be a beginner.

OK you may be a business and therefore have a very clear idea of what the corporate word wants. But what about us mere mortals, or worse…. the arty farty community? It’s easier to decide what you don’t want. However it seems that yes, I’ve done it. I have published my own website. Did I enjoy it? Did I enjoy trying to get that fiddly piece of machinery to fit into that tiny hole? Did I want to walk 50 miles in the pouring rain? No, dear reader, I did not. However as with these things, it’s wonderful once it’s done!

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