From the Comfort of your own Home

The Digital Age has changed everything.

Yes, we can do Desktop Publishing. Remember that? You never hear about it now because we all do it. You would never ask a “secretary” to type up your words, we have word processors, sorry Word to do that for you.

Just do it yourself

You can now make your own podcasts and video blogs from the comfort of your own home – what an overused expression. Comfort? Sure you don’t have to do anywhere, but where is the comfort when you can’t find a certain tool on Adobe Photoshop because you don’t even know what it’s called? Where is the “comfort” when all you really want to do is to throw your desktop out of the window? Or when you’ve suddenly lost half of your timeline on Sony Vegas video editing software, because you hadn’t realised all you’d done was just temporarily hidden it?

YouTube is your instructor, but hey! Just do it yourself.. from the comfort of your own home!

I don’t have to hire anyone, I can just do it myself.

From the comfort of .. well you get the idea.

Oh yes, but can I do it as well?

I understand that a lot of businesses do not want to hire a professional voice. Of course they can do it themselves.

It’s just talking isn’t it? And voice actors make it sound so easy. Hasn’t Helen in accounts got a terrific voice? Let’s get her to record it on her iPhone?

Mm, well yes of course you can. And you can ask her to do it three times because you realise that the acoustic isn’t just studio quality. And then you can hear just about every edit? Oh and you need it to be 59 seconds but she can’t do it in less than 1 min 10. And it’s now Friday and she has spent 3 days on this when she really ought to be do the end of quarter accounts or you have 15 suppliers on the phone because they haven’t yet been paid.

I can’t do my accounts. I can’t count. So I  pay an accountant. He does it better and much much quicker than I ever could . I have decorated a couple of rooms in my house, but now I pay a decorator. They do it better and much much quicker.

You get my point. You CAN do it yourself, but you are professional in your work.

Wouldn’t you prefer a professional voice to represent it?

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