Marketing just Doesn’t come Easy to Creatives

Oh how I HATE marketing.

I’m good at my job. My skills lie in the studio, voicing, producing editing.  I’ve been doing it for years.

Today, whatever your job is as a solopreneur, you have to add marketing to tell people “I’m here”.

And I’m utterly useless at it.  I hate it. The BBC taught me to keep my head done, the teachers at school told me to keep my head down, leave others to discover your talents. I was good at that – I didn’t have to do anything!

HOWEVER there is just a chance that YOU might need ME.

And there I am sulking in my studio because the phone doesn’t ring (OK, the emails don’t come in).

So I’m so sorry to have to write to you. Because unless I do, you just won’t know that I can voice documentaries, eLearning script and audio tours and Medical scripts.

I have many years’ experience in BBC radio and modesty prohibits me telling you all the celebs I’ve interviewed (but Hugh Jackman was great!). Basically I’m a pro.

I’m also jolly nice, good fun and very fast and reliable. We could be making beautiful audio together. who knows?

But unless I write to you, you’ll never know.

Of course you get millions of marketing emails. So do I!!! But that’s what the digital age has done to us.

So thank you for reading this far. Even if you just replied with a thumbs up, well that would make my day. I loather direct marketing but it might just tell me that soft marketing to nice people might just work!

Have a great day.

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