Look at Meee

Does all Social Media have to be about the seller?

Mm, like the next person I get terribly distracted looking at other people’s social medical videos and messages. The best are those of course which make us laugh, that’s such a give away and a dead cert for me to get distracted.

Ooh look! An email from MPB ( a great site from which to buy or sell second-hand quality photographic kit) has just come in and yup, I’m distracted – particularly if there’s the opportunity to win a £500 voucher. But more about snapping later/another post.

I have been working as a voice artist for a number of years, a couple of those while I was still working at the BBC as a producer/presenter. However now that I no longer work for the Corporation, I’ve been able to follow my passion for voice work. And it has been wonderful, particularly when working on academic projects where you get to learn things, thus feeding my journalistic curiosity. Initially I had significant success on the Pay2Play sites such as Voice123. All was going swimmingly until.. Early spring 2020.

Yup remember Spring 2020? Covid hit and suddenly (and understandably) the market flooded.

Four years on in VoiceOverLand is a long time and now one has to learn the dark and sinister art of … MARKETING.

OK, disclaimer. I know this is a form of marketing, anything on Linked in is a form of marketing, isn’t’ it? Just to let everyone know you are still alive and working.

However increasingly I’m being told that the way forward is to make short videos.

Of course little video production is not a problem. I taught myself how to edit and produce videos years ago. Thank you Adobe Premier Pro

and Sony Vegas

What IS a problem of course, is videos of … this particular Voice artist.

Are you really interested in what I’m doing outside of Voice work? That I’ve just been to Brussels with Hidden Gems for a singing weekend? Is it relevant? Mm I’m not sure, but here’s a picture anyway. Lots of great street art in the Belgian capital – this one reminds me a bit of the Banksy in Bristol. But videos about me?

I think I’ll spare you that at least for now. To quote the wonderful John Sargeant, I have a great face for radio.

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