Trying to get Noticed but why all this Self Promotion?

Look at me, me, me!!


You’ve seen it, I’m sure. You go to a popular tourist site and get your camera out to photograph the Leaning Tower of Pisa in Italy, or maybe simply The Tower of London. What do you see? Plenty of (usually) youngsters posing, Instagram ready, hips out and pouting at the camera. Their selfies will popular their media channels and devoted followers keep up with their travels. I’m sorry to highlight a particular group of young ladies, but I use it to highlight the “look at me” culture.

Of course we see it in business as well.

A quick look at my Linkedin account and I can read about new businesses won, voice over jobs completed, an interview about the writer in a local magazine. All very lovely and used to self promote. The online world is resembling the 1993 film Pleasantville

I feel sorry for those entering the business world. Not only do they have to be good at their jobs, They have to be excellent at promoting just how good they are.

I started working before the internet revolution. I was blissfully unaware what was around the corner and how marketing would become an essential part of what I do.

Indeed (I can hear you say)what am I doing now but writing a blog to self promote?

Years ago, I remember sitting in a proposals meeting when we had to “sell” BBC programme ideas to the Commissioning Editor. His job was to select the best documentary ideas for the following year’s schedule.

I simply outlined my idea, confident that my reputation as an (blushing but true) excellent producer would carry the idea.

Oh how wrong could I be? The world was changing.

Alongside me was a fellow programme maker whose ideas were good, I also knew that she was pretty useless at interviewing and that her documentary would reflect that. She gave a stunning presentation about her idea and you’ve guessed it. Her idea was accepted.

Fortunately I can’t remember her name, and I certainly can’t even remember what my idea was.

Lesson learned. Marketing is as important as the job you are selling.


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